About This Site

WELCOME…we’re glad YOU’RE HERE! So what’s the dilly-o? In a nutshell, we believe that music can play a special role in our lives…and this is especially true for children. Parents seem to intuitively know this…and for this reason you’ll find them encouraging their kids to learn music…not only through teaching them singalong songs when they are young, but encouraging them to take music lessons on an instrument, or by joining a school or church choir. And, of course…one of the things that inspires children to learn music is for them to fall in love with great music…even at an early age.

For this reason, we’ve gotten together a bunch of quality children’s music artists to share some of their great music for free. These are complete songs, not edited versions. And they are high quality…not poor quality versions designed to “tease” into buying an album. All the music downloads for kids you’ll find on this site are FREE: listen, download, play them on your computer, or burn them to a personal CD for boombox or car listening (of course, you can’t copy and re-sell them to others…).

WHY is this wonderful kids music FREE? While you generally will not find Disney, Veggie Tales or Sesame Street music here, what you will find is well-crafted music from talented, fiercely-independent children’s music artists who do what they do because they believe kids are important. They post some free music downloads here to introduce you to their music. After all, if you like what you hear here, you might want them to come sing in your community or even buy an album or two! Once again…just to be clear…unlike the MP3 theft you’re hearing about on the news…these are LEGAL, FREE MP3 music downloads. Download…listen…share them with your friends! 😉

What is special about KIDS MUSIC? In one sense…music for children is like every other kind of music. It has rhythm, chords, melody and lyrics. But it’s also very diverse. There’s kids music for learning and education, nonsensical kids music…just crazy stuff to dance to and sing along with, Christian kids music, kids music for Christmas and other holidays…story songs, dance music, music for movement, music to help you memorize complicated stuff, and more. And there are different musical styles…from a solo singer with a guitar or keyboard…to a whole band with lots of different instruments…sometimes wearing the craziest costumes you’ve ever seen! But what really sets kids music apart is that it’s really and truly targeted for children…not just a group of kids singing love songs written for teens and adults!

WHY is this site just about KIDS MUSIC? At its heart, kids music is different from every other kind of music. And kids deserve a special space all their own…not cluttered with all the other music in the world (they’ve got their OWN sites!). So…have fun exploring!!

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