JamToast is not new to our site, but they DO have some new music to share with us! Michael McKinnon and his young sons, Owen and Drew, serve up more energetic punk music for kids on the new album Rock ‘n Roll Playground. You’ll have a hard time sitting still while listening to: Lucas Likes Firetrucks, Rain Rain Go Away and Shoelace Soup.

The Cornell Hurd Band brings an old-style country feel to a simple, funny song about more-desirable behavior with their song Don’t Wipe Your Face On Your Shirt. It’s from the Bloodshot Records various artists collection, The Bottle Let Me Down.

The Flutterbys are Jill Carole and Paul Robinson, and they’re sharing two songs from their new album Jungle Jam. The songs are Flynn the Blynn and The Cow Who Likes To Whistle (which also features guest performances by Oscar-nominated actress Piper Laurie and Al “Year of the Cat” Stewart). Of note, a portion of the proceeds from the album will be donated to Generation Rescue (an autism advocacy program).

Lemonsquare features the music of Alan Schlaifer, and they’re offering up a time-telling tale called Tic Toc. It’s from the album Music for Fun.

From the Chicagoland area, Wee Hairy Beasties‘ first concert was at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The band was under the mistaken impression they would be playing to the animals…so all the songs they brought were about animals. But…children showed up as well…so the band decided to record an album called Animal Crackers! Enjoy the song: Wee Hairy Beasties

The Speks are 6 guys from Ireland (all of whom wear glasses) who sing a delightful brand of Irish folk music for kids. It’s warm and gentle and easy on the ears…and it’s extra nice since it’s all delivered with that wonderful Irish brogue. From the album Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island – Volume 1, we’re presenting four great songs: Homeward Bound, Old King Cole, Skippin’ Song (see the video) and The Spider. You’ll find even more free stuff from the album at their web site, too!

Sarah Lee Guthrie has a proud musical pedigree in the folk music genre (daughter of Arlo, granddaughter of Woody), so it only makes sense that she’d be making her mark there as well, and doing so as a family affair (accompanied by her husband, her two daughters, her dad Arlo and Pete Seeger). From her album Go Waggaloo, she’s sharing the song Cuz We’re Cousins.

Super Stolie is the alter ego of Rebecca Stoelinga, a singer/songwriter based in the Chicago area. She sort of slid sideways into children’s music, after a friend told her she had a dream about it. Her new album is called When I Grow Up, and she’s brought us a couple songs: Busy Bumblebee and Kitties and Dogs.

New York-based artist Ms. Janis is determined to get kids moving with her music. In fact, it only makes sense…after 8 years of teaching creative movement, music, yoga and gymnastics to children! From her album Music 4 Me! Volume #1, Moving Bodies, and Inspiring Hearts, you’ll find yourself tapping along with Around The Circle.

Einstein’s Monkey is three guys from Virginia (Jeff Hofmann, B Bagby and David McDonald) who’ve discovered a mutual interest in children’s music. They’ve recently released their album, Banana Yellow, and brought us a couple songs to share with you: Pet Dinosaur (see the video) and Party In The Playground.

There aren’t a lot of words on the very colorful website for Allister & The Nightlight, so we can’t give you much background on those who created it. However, we can tell you that you’ll find cute characters and some very infectious music for kids there. And…that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? And in the meantime, you’ll want to grab the song Wake Up from their self-titled album.

From the first strains of the song My Friend Luke, you’ll notice that Copper Tom doesn’t make music that sounds like “everybody else”. His loosey-goosey groove is almost reminiscent of the Sixties. His album is called Get The Beat!, and I feel like I’m already well on my way to getting it! Oh, and don’t miss the cute video of the song.

Tessa Pfeifer is the founder and CEO of Dancercise Kids, a successful kids’ dance and fitness business, and has been singing and dancing since she was old enough to walk and talk. Her classes, and music performed by Tessa & Dancercise Kids helps kids build strong minds and happy hearts, with an emphasis on manners, nutrition, movement and other positive themes. It’s not the least bit hard to imagine lots of kids movin’ to the groove of the song, Diggity Bone.

DidiPop returns to the front page of our site again, this time with 3 more songs from her terrific self-titled album: the cool jazz feel of I Did My Homework, learning to speak French with Merci and The Cool Alphabet Song

Fern Forest is back as well…with a fun Fifties-ish song from her album called Fern, The Stars and The Planets. It’s called The Galactic Hop-Bop.

A self-proclaimed “funky mother of two”, Lauren Busch Singer, was frustrated with a lack of musical variety in kids music, so she set out to do something about it…by drafting New Orleans musicians to help her create an album called Funky Kidz. She’s brought us fully-funkified versions of two classic favorites to share with you: Froggy Went A-Courtin’ and This Land Is Your Land

Janyse (“Jen-niece”) is an award-winning singer/songwriter/actress (performing cartoon voices for programs like Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony) and the creator of The Magic of Think. The album is designed to help empower kids through self-confidence and self-respect. Tap into the rollicking fun energy of her two songs: Boogie Oogie Man and Stomp

Madeline L Pots seems determined to make you hungry with her in-depth analysis of the amazing variety of noodles in Italian cuisine (fettucini, manicotti, ravioli, macaroni, tortellini and many more!) in The Pasta Song (see the video), from her album Grandpa’s Car.

In addition to the French earlier, we’re also venturing into the world of Spanish-speaking children’s music this time with Argentine native Mariana Iranzi and her album Aventura Collage. She’s a Berklee College of Music graduate and brings her talents on bass, guitar and percussion to her kids music. She’s brought us a lullaby called Buenas Noches and a song about a woodpecker called Pajaro Carpintero!

The music of The Brian Waite Band has been a part of our site for a long time, but they’ve really outdone themselves this time. A whole BUNCH of songs from several of their albums are now available here for the first time: All I See Is Good!, Are You Ready?, Bubble Time, Can’t Sit Still, Five Cool Cats, I Did It, Little Cloud, Off To Atlantis City, Please, Sometimes My Dad’s A Dinosaur, Time Out Blues and We All Make Mistakes.

Rock U Mentally is a group of 5 energetic young people who make some very lively music. Chris, Angie, Bucky, AJ and Ken have brought us the song CoOper8, from their album Who You Are IS Where It’s At!

Abby and the Pipsqueaks are back with two new tunes as well. One, called 8 Days, is a Chanukah celebration song, while the other, Don’t Play With Fire, is from their new album Abby and the Pipsqueaks!

The-band-with-the-hard-to-forget name returns: They are The Boogers, and they’ve brought us two more terrific songs from their new album Road to Rock: Itsy Bitsy and Peanut Butter Jelly.

Jeff Oppen is the creator of the children’s cartoon, TOOLS. He has recorded fun children’s music for a number of years for various websites, cartoons and other projects. His new CD, Monkey Bars, is his first commercially-released children’s music CD, and he’s brought us the song Little Ducks to share with you.

Alex The Seal is the creation of Sam Finocchio, who has many years of experience creating children’s entertainment with credits that include music and sound effects for toys, CDs, movies, and television. Sam decided to team up with the musicians and voice talent with whom he has built long-standing relationships to release Alex in Wonderland, the first Alex the Seal album, and he’s brought us two songs to share with you: Pop Goes The Weasel and Stingray City

Tim Stephens got together with Ms. Harmon’s Kindergarten Class, and created an album of singalongs which he creatively titled Mr. Stephens with Ms. Harmon’s Kindergarten Class. Half the proceeds of the album go to benefit the PTA at Thomas Paine School. You’ll enjoy Hey Bo Diddley.

John Hurbon has created a wiggle-worthy collection of original and traditional songs in an album called Puppy Song Party, featuring guitar and harmonica arrangements. And he’s brought us a song called Kids Fun Tune to share with you.

And finally, we have some individual offerings from a couple folks who don’t usually focus on music for children. Michael Askounes wrote a lullaby for his daughter, called Go To Sleep III. And Thalia Black is a mom of three who mostly records pop music, but felt that kids might enjoy Everyday’s A Party. We agree.

Maryann “Mar.” Harman is a music educator with a Bachelors Degree in Music and a Masters in Education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood.  These dual degrees contribute to her ability to write songs that are musically and educationally sound for children as well as fun and easy to use for teachers and parents.  She founded the nationally enjoyed Music with Mar. Brain Research Based program. She’s sharing two new songs with us this time: Watch The Monkey That Moves and Hokey Pokey.

Marla Lewis has been singing all her life (including an appearance on a national radio talent show at age 3!), started piano lessons at age 5 and wrote her first song at age 12. With such a rich musical childhood, it’s no wonder that she’s so heavily invested in music for children. She’s brought us FIVE songs this time from her first two albums, and you’re going to love them. Check out Jackson Avenue, Mighty Jackie The Strikeout Queen, My Room’s A Mess, Sambas Swaying in the Trees and We All Laugh in the Same Language.

M. Ryan Taylor has a little gift for children who observe Halloween with four fun, spooky tunes from his album Thirteen For Halloween. Check out Five Little Pumpkins and Welcome Said The Spider.

Chuck Brown & The Chuckleberries has just made a major move: They’ve just made their ENTIRE first album available for free download, plus added an additional free song. To download those, you’ll need to visit their website. But, to celebrate, they’ve brought us a very cute song to share with you. It’s called Galapagos…and it’s the story of someone who decided to vacation on the remote island…when they were rather better suited to a nearby theme park. Funny stuff.

Conductor Jack is the kids music persona of Jack Norton, and he’s brought us a couple of delightful bluegrass pieces: Old MacDonald Had A Band and Uncle Noah’s Ark…from his album Toot! Toot! All Aboard.

Didi Pop is a character created by Deborah Poppink, who was a music teacher in Los Angeles for 15 years. From her album, DiDi PoP, she’s brought us 3 great songs to share with you: Feed The Pet, Look At Yourself in the Mirror and Yellow Car.

Rock Daddy Rock‘s debut album celebrates the everyday life of kids and their funny, gross and wonderful behaviors. Life lessons give each song an educational purpose or (as one mom said) “the chance to ponder behavioral issues without sounding moralistic”. From their first album Silly Short Songs for Silly Short People, they’ve brought us The Lecture, When You Grow Up and Your Room’s A Mess.

We decided to try something a little different this time. We were approached by the folks at Melodies About Me. They create personalized CDs for kids…you know, they kind where you get your child’s name sung as part of every song on the album. Unlike a lot of the customized stuff we’ve heard in the past, we enjoyed some of these songs a lot, like Dooby Dooby and especially Purple Sock Blues…and they liked the idea of giving away a couple of their songs. So you can take the poor-man’s route and just SING your child’s name every time the recorded name on the CD comes up…or you can visit their site and order your own customized CD. Fun!

Next up, Stevie rolls in with 3 energetic tunes from his album, I Like Being A Kid: I Like Being a Kid, Candy Apples and Let’s Get Funky.

The Blankies is a cartoon band with songs for Pre-K and Kindergarden ages and their parents (or teachers) that like more sophisticated sounding children’s music. Four different singers and an eclectic variety of music styles keep the albums from being redundant. They’ve offered us 3 songs for download: Be Nice, Five Senses and Robot.

Kat Vellos has created Musiplication…dedicated to helping children who struggle with certain types of learning by employing other familiar tools, such as rhythm and music. She’s brought 2 songs: 5 on 5 and Double Dutch.

Here’s the story of Tot-a-Doodle-Do: co-producer Heidi Niehart had an idea for a television show that would incorporate follow-along activities for children and their parents. She approached her friend Penny L. Cohen, Speech & Language Pathologist who has worked with children for many years to see if she would be interested in co-producing the program. The two set out to develop a show that would entertain and educate toddlers and pre-schoolers. They’ve brought us two songs: Animals Everywhere and Transportation.

Maria Alley has created a music program for young children called Do Re Me and Maria. She’s brought us 3 songs: Calypso Chill, Imagine Nation and My Great Dane Puppy from her latest album, Nature’s Lullaby.

Great music becomes at least part of the reason to move with Dancercise Kids. Check out their song Wonder.

Gunnar Madsen is a hoot…this guy must be a lot of fun at parties! Awhile back, he brought us his song Ants in My Pants, which we loved…but, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, he’s here again with Mozart and I’m Growing…both from this new album I’m Growing. It’s smart, sophisticated, vocally-adventurous music for kids. It’s simply impossible to groove with this stuff and complain about how lame kids music is in the same breath!.

Jeff Hunter has spent a life time writing singing and composing his original songs while mastering the acoustic guitar. Best known for his years with The Previously Lost Dogs playing their original folk fusion and producing five albums…and in Fourteen Strings with world-class violinist Denis English and renowned bass player Jack Grosse. But what bring him here is the release of his first children’s album called Elemenope (L-M-N-O-P). He’s sharing two songs with us: The Animal Train and Insects Are Everywhere.

The folk music of his native Canada, especially of the maritime provinces, made a strong impression on Owen Duggan at an early age. He loved the jaunty rhythms and lively tunes of Newfoundlander songs. He began singing and playing multiple instruments before he was 10. By the age of 12 he had recorded two long-playing albums of popular songs of folksingers like Burl Ives, the Irish Rovers and Tom Paxton. Later formal studies led Owen to a career in music education and church music and he currently resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and two kids. His album An Elephant Never Forgets contains a really fun version of The Ants (Go Marching), which he’s brought to share with us this time.

The Dino 5 is a creation of the folks at Baby Loves Hip Hop. Hall-of-fame hip-hop producer Prince Paul has teamed with other successful MCs (Chali Tuna of Jurassic 5, Wordsworth, Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Planets and Scratch of Roots Crew). This funky musical journey tells the story of five best dino friends who come together to teach key life lessons and, of course, have a little fun! From their new album, they’ve brought us a sweet little groove called What About 10?

Mr. Steve (Steve Piperno) & Miss Katie (Katie Burtnick) hail from New Jersey…where he’s a professional musician and she teaches music at an elementary school. From their new album, Are You Ready? Here We Go!, they’ve brought to us a paean to politeness, Please and Thank You. And it looks like they are practicing what they preach. It appears that Mr. Steve has asked Miss Katie to “please” become Mrs. Katie (or Mrs. Steve…or something like that!) in the near future.

Maureen Conlin is an early childhood music entertainer/educator from Phoenix. She’s a writier, lyricist and composer who is inspired by her young audiences.  She encourages children through her music to create, explore, experience and have fun.  She’s the owner of Happy Notes Music and has recorded four CDs, is a monthly contributor to Kids Celebrate Magazine and provides workshops for early childhood educators. From her album, Nature Notes, she’s sharing her song Ugly Buglies with us.

And…lastly, but certainly not leastly…we present something a bit different. We’ll call it “baby rock” for the moment. Matt Clark is father to a boy named Rowan. And he’s been inspired by his experiences in raising this lttle fella to write some songs which we found very catchy. They’re not slickly produced or anything…rather, they’re all fairly short and all well worth the time to download and listen. We’ll present two of them here (Top of the Stairs and Too Busy), but you’ll need to visit his website to check out the rest.

Meet…the Boogers (yeah, I didn’t pick the name, either!). These Chicago-based rockers are big fan of The Ramones…so they bring an energetic punkish sensibility to their music. Their energy is undeniable, and they’ve brought us two songs from their album Real Rock and Roll for Kids: I Don’t Need to Be Worried and This Song’s About Transportation.

Dave Taylor got started early, putting on musical/theatrical shows with his older brother Rick, utilizing Legos and household items as props. At 8, he started guitar lessons, but eventually drifted away from playing music until high school. Then, Dave and Rick reunited musically to collaborate once again. They formed a heavy metal outfit consisting of friends from school. In college, he played bass guitar in his brother’s Christian death metal band…but focused mainly on writing comedic songs. In his late 20s, he realized how much he loved playing music for kids…his nephews and nieces in particular. This was also when Dave realized that in a way, he had been writing and performing kids’ music all along. His new album is called Big Kids Up Front, and he’s sharing his song Big Brown Package with us.

Mr Chris and The Gassy Bubbles are a children’s/family rock & roll group from Toronto, Canada. Over the years, Mr Chris began to realize that more and more parents weren’t relating to the music their children were listening to. Many parents began complaining that their children’s music was ‘too cheesy’ to listen to on a regular basis…so he, as a children’s educator, decided that something had to be done. Along with the Gassy Bubbles, Mr Chris decided to create a different kind of children’s album…one that both parents and children could equally enjoy. The album is called Dance, Shake, Rattle & Roll, and they’re sharing Spider Song with us.

Mr. Willy (aka Willy Welch) is a children’s entertainer, picture book author and recording artist who brings his songs and stories (and sometimes puppets) to schools, churches, child care centers, preschools, hospitals, arts festivals, birthday parties, bookstores and store openings. He has written over 35 songs for Barney and Friends to sing, and is a songwriter for the new “Boz the Green Bear Next Door” DVD series. A graduate of the Boston University School for the Arts, Willy is probably best known for penning “Playing Right Field,” the heart-warming tale of an inept little-leaguer, which has been recorded and performed by over a dozen recording artists, most notably Peter, Paul & Mary…who recorded it for the third time in 1998. Willy’s new CD is called My Backyard, and he’s brought us his song It Comes Naturally.

The Musical Zoo hails from Chicago, and offers interactive music & dance classes for boys and girls aged 18 months to 7 years. They also celebrate birthdays and produce music and apparel for children. So, for today’s “show and tell” time in class…they’ve brought us the delightful Musical Zoo Theme from their Musical Zoo EP.

Last, but certainly not least…children’s singer/songwriter Shad Weathersby and children’s book author/illustrator Mike Artell have created a wonderful new album of music based around the rich traditions of Mardi Gras. They started writing songs for this project a couple years back, but then a lady named Katrina came to New Orleans and knocked things off track for a bit. Finally, last summer, they made it back to the studio to finish it up. The album is called Calling All Children to the Mardi Gras, and they’re sharing with us the title song and King Cake.

Sonia Hardie is the creative force behind YellowKat. She’s been musically-inclined most of her life and began writing songs while studying for her degree in Primary Education at Sydney University. After the birth of her son Linten, she found music becoming one of her favorite ways of relating to him…and teamed up with her brother Matt to release her first CD of songs for children, called Clap Your Hands. She’s brought us the delightful tune, “Ants in the Kitchen”.

Debbie and Friends have brought us another of their delightful songs. “Opposite” is from their forthcoming album, Story Songs and Sing Alongs.

Oren Pfefferman holds a doctorate in child psychology, and he incorporates current research about the way kids learn in his songwriting. He’s the leader of a California-based band called Oren and the Hiccups, and this time they share with us the energetic title song from their new album, Turn Around The Sun.

David Rovics is a folkie…normally singing to adult audiences about passion and his politics. But he’s also written a bunch of easily-digestable songs for kids in a collection called Pirate Songs for Kids, and he’s made them all available for free download from his web site. We’re sharing three of them here this time: “If I Was a Dog”, “Roller Coaster Train” and “Tired of Sitting in the Car”.

Dennis “D. Jay” King works as a public school special ed teacher in New Jersey, and has a unique take on melody and especially harmonies. He’s sharing with us the title song from his album Buggy Baloo.

Adam and The Couch Potatoes have a song for us that will (trust me!)…I say WILL get stuck in your head. It’s called “Never Gonna Be Bored!”, and it’s from their new album, Live at Centennial Pre-School.

Meet the lovely Jen Gould. She’s been a performer most of her life…and in recent years has taken on some new roles: mom, educator and now, children’s music artist. She’s sharing two songs with us: “Gina Meana” and “Yummy in my Tummy”.

Next up? Eric Herman returns with his amazing Invisible Band. He’s freshened up the recording of “There’s a Monster in My House” and added “No Big Deal” and “The Monkeys”.

Debbie Cavalier has been involved with kids music for over 20 years…first as a classroom music teacher, and more recently as the leader of Debbie and Friends, where she writes, performs and records for children and their families. She’s brought us “Three Pigs and a Wolf”, from her album, due this summer.

Michael McKinnon is the driving force behind Jam Toast. He’s a longtime punk music fan who believes that punk can deliver important messages for kids, like “think for yourself” and “stand up for what you believe in”. He’s written and produced a CD (with the help of his two young boys), and is sharing two songs with us: “ABC” and “Make Some Noise”.

We have a cute song from Jordan Cooper. He’s not a children’s music artist, per se…but when his sister had a baby and was in the process of moving to the other side of the world, he sat down and wrote a bunch of songs and produced an album for the baby to grow up with. You’ll enjoy the gentle groove of “Things We Do”.

Meet The SqueeGees, a fun-filled, bubbly acoustic duo that provide an irresistibly playful musical adventure for the entire family. While you would think that this delicious experience would be candy- coated, this package comes in a recyclable wrapper… with songs that emphasize earth-friendly themes, positive messages, and good clean fun. Samantha Tobey and Roman Bluem are the kids-at-heart behind this grassroots musical journey. Both professional singer/songwriters, the couple have created a truly magical experience featuring clear, clean instrumentation and tasty vocal harmonies. They’ve brought us two wonderful songs: “Apples, Oranges and Peaches” and “Nala the Chihuahua”.

Wee Rock! is comprised of husband and wife team Greg and Erin Paxton. Greg is a freelance drummer, and Erin is a music therapist. The birth of their son, Jonathan, inspired them to put their teaching and music skills together to make music for the hearts of children. They’ve contributed a delightfully smooth little island-flavored pop piece called “Bubbles”.

Eric Ode (pronounced Oh-dee) is a national award-winning children’s singer, songwriter, poet, and entertainer. His upbeat, high-participation programs are bubbling over with fun, interactive music and poetry and include stories, skits, costumes, props and puppets. A former elementary teacher of 12 years with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology, Eric has shared music and poetry performances with schools, community festivals, libraries, and churches all around and outside the Pacific Northwest. And this time, he’s offering us a bouncy, bubbly tune called “How Bout You?”.

Joshua Rich brings us two terrific songs this time. His piano-and-voice recordings and his sense of melody remind us of a slightly sweeter Randy Newman with a more pleasant voice. Check out “Trying Vegetables” and “Gonna Get a Haircut”.

Here’s something you just might find interesting. As an eighth grade student, Keri Schmidt wrote a cute (and award-winning) story called “Shelby the Unique Sheep”. She’s all grown up now and works as a speech pathologist in Illinois, but her story continues to live on. Wayne from Maine offers his version of the story in a song called “Shelby” on our site, and if you’re interested, you can also listen to radio funnyman Gary Burbank reading the story on our sister site, Light Up Your Brain.

Alex Mitnick and The Kaleidoscope Band have shared many of their Kaleidoscope Songs with us, and we’ve got a new one this time, too! “I’m So Glad” features the Yaruban prayer from Nigeria: “Funga Alafia”, which translates as “Give us peace”. This one’s got a great groove!

Maryann “Mar.” Harman is a music teacher/recording artist from Pinellas County Florida.  Maryann has her BA in Music Education, her Masters in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and is certified in Level I Orff.  She is the founder of Music w/ Mar., a class where toddlers and caregivers participate together in music and movement activities. She’s brought us a couple of very energetic songs this time around: “Gonna Name Our States” and “Can You Predict It?”. The Sunshine Road is an award-winning musical group that has performed such places as Sesame Place, Six Flags New England and the Hartford Civic Center. David Verdosci is the lead singer and songwriter, while his sister-in-law Rhonda Mesenbourg handles background vocals and percussion. They’ve brought us two of their most popular pieces: “The Ice Cream Song” and “Rockin’ on Down the Road”.

Chip Richter is an Ohio-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. And he’s teamed up with another Ohio native… legendary guitarist/singer Phil Keaggy, to create a musical allegory that talks about kids trying on their parents’ clothing, and relating that to a relationship with another Dad.

Ally Arnold says her two favorites in the whole world are children and music. She has enjoyed working with preschoolers for years, teaching Sunday school class, day care classes and nannying. And she’s offering a gift…a musical opportunity to put a Pep in My Step.

Sue Schnitzer is a former FBI Special Agent who traded in her badge for a guitar and began singing music for children and their families. She’s back with music from her latest album, asking the musical question, Can You Clap?