Every parent knows how important it is to encourage your children’s creativity and self-expression. In order for your child to grow as a person, activities like drawing, dancing, and enjoying music have all been proven to have remarkably positive effects on your child’s development. While it’s tempting to simply purchase your children the newest play set or doll house, no amount of toys in your children’s toy boxes can help enrich their lives quite the same way as enjoying the arts.

Music, in particular, plays a crucial role in helping develop your children’s communication, mathematical, and social skills; as well as helping to build their self-confidence. By teaching your children the importance of listening to music at a young age, you can help ensure that they grow up to be a well-adjusted adult, while also teaching them the invaluable power of self-expression.

By teaching your children simple children’s songs at an early age, you can help them to understand how our language is constructed. By learning the melody, rhythm, and lyrics of a song, a child can begin putting together the building blocks of language and learn how to construct full sentences. Children who are exposed to music at an early age have been proven to have increased communication skills and often become more articulate at an earlier age.

Children who listen to and learn to play music (for example, through piano lessons) also have increased social skills and have a better understanding of themselves. Music evokes certain emotions in people that cannot be taught by any number of lessons or books. No matter how studious your child is in school, music can help teach them things about themselves that may have never learned without it.

Above all else, music teaches your children the power of self expression. Not every child is gifted with the ability to draw, paint, play an instrument, or even sing. Luckily, it takes no God-given talent to simply listen to and enjoy music. The benefits music can have on your children are limitless; as long as you ensure that it is enriching and is sending the proper message.