As you might imagine, we get a LOT of questions about how the music on this site may be used. We’re delighted that you enjoy the music enough to ask this question…but a bit of clarification is in order:

The music offered here is offered for free download specifically for the purpose of promoting their music to a larger audience of children’s music fans.

It is intended to be downloaded and listened to on computers, MP3 players, custom CDs for personal listening, etc. It is NOT intended to be played on your web site, mixed with video or graphics and posted on another web site, played in public as warmup music for a paying audience, burned to CDs intended for resale, used on TV shows, etc.

In fact, even if we wanted to, we don’t have the right to grant you such authority. We don’t own the songs. The rights belong to the artists themselves. We do endeavor to provide you with contact info for the artists, who can usually be reached via their web sites, so you can inquire directly regarding their permission.

Some artists may decline permission altogether, some may allow free use, and some may require a fee for certain usage. But you’ll have to ask them directly.