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“I just wanted to say thank you for offering these free downloads for kid songs.  These are all my grandson’s favorite songs and I didn’t know how I could afford all the various CD’s in order to record his favorite songs.  You guys are wonderful!”

“I just discovered your web-site, Free Kid’s Music, this morning and I LOVE IT ! I have been looking for a site with the traditional children’s songs with lyrics and chords. I have two granddaughters, ages 3 yrs. & 2 yrs. old, that Love to make up their own little songs and sing. I play drums (self taught), and played professionally from 1983-2003  & piano(also, self taught @ the age of 12) by ear, although, good enough to play and teach my girls these songs. Their parents have no musical talent, so, it’s up to me to pass on my musical talent & passion for it, to them. This is a dream come true. I now have a music room set up in my house so I can still play. The lessons will come in handy, also, since I haven’t played piano much, as I was making a living playing drums for 20+ yr”

“My niece is 10 years old and German (so is my wife) and I’ve “volunteered” to help her with her English, since her English teacher last year was sick most of the year and now her English teacher this year is pregnant. So I’m supposed to help her learn English.  Your songs!!  They are SO nice, so wonderful, so fantastic.  Most of the sing-along songs for kids are so awful, so saccharine, so make-me-gag… and then I found your music, it’s such a treat, such beautiful singing and excellent clear arrangements.  These, thank goodness, I can listen to over and over again with pleasure (unlike so much of the other “kids'” music). Thank you so very very much…”

“Thank you SO much for all this free music! My daughter just ADORED singing and music and I was able to give her a mini MP3 player just PACKED with good stuff!”

“Wow! What a fantastic site!! It sucks when you want to buy a cd, but don’t actually know what they sound like, and this site is a winner with sorting that problem up! And almost all the artists on this site are great! Well done and thank you for sharing this brilliant site free of charge!”

Celeste (South Africa)

“Thanks for your really cool site! I’ve downloaded some music for my grandsons’ MP3 players, and so far – they love them all. As a former music educator, and a musician, I just wanted to tell you your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! Peace and love.”

“I’m Ceres, mother of Lorena – now 8 months old. I am Brazilian currently living in Lima, Peru and Lorena is my first baby. My mother tongue is Portuguese and I just know a few of the traditional music in English for children. I had been looking for music in English in the internet, as it is impossible to buy any here, and was very lucky to find your website “kids music, childrens music”. I had also tried to buy some at Amazon, but there is just so much to choose from that I didn’t really know where to start. Therefore, we are very grateful to you for sharing a bit of you culture with us. We now listen to it almost everyday. Thank you so much.”
Ceres and Lorena

“Searching the web for Christmas Music for our 4 and 6 year old….found your site by accident. What an awesome site!!!! Thank you for providing quality music for young children!”

“Great site!! My kids love all the infromation on this site specially the music. They can’t go a day without it. Thanks from a Happy DAD :)”

“A brilliant idea, happened upon the site on the weekend and have already started shopping for some of the music.”

“Hi! I love your site. It has given me LOTS of stuff to work with the children at my mothers day care.”
Kelly T.

“Your site is AWESOME.”
Tiffany V.

“Great site! I wish there were radio stations like this site. i listened to a really great song called “A Monster goes Rarrrrgh!” that really rocks. I’m definitely getting that cd. Thanks for hipping me to it.”
Kevin T.

“Hello there…for I raise my son with the English language, I am so happy having found your page to teach him English songs. We are living in Germany being Germans ourselves, but I do really love England. Unfortunately, I’ve only knewn German Children’s Songs till now, so I do really have to thank you for your page. Now I am able to sing English songs to my son. I am so happy! Thank you again.”

“Thank you for your valued efforts in organizing this site. It is delightful. Continued Success.”
N. Cobb

“I’ve been coming to your site for sometime now to get music for my son. You have a wonderful site!”
Carrie – Mother of 7-month-old boy

“…some of the best looking kids music sites I have ever seen…”
Dustin B.

“Love your songs.”
Kelleen C.“Better than Napster!”

“The free kids music site is wonderful. Seems my producers were having more fun with it than our younger viewers. We will feature the site during the Ask Mike segment on Monday, at News Channel 4 at noon. Anyone coming to our web site can get a direct link to the music site.
Mike Jackson – NBC 4, Columbus, OH

“nice job!”
Marc McDonald – TheFreeSite.com

“Its a great site and a terrific service to families, the kids’ music community, and of course, KIDS! :)”