About The Artist: Adam and the Couch Potatoes is a rock and roll band which plays music about and for hip parents and their young kids.  Musically, they reference many genres and styles of Rock – often with thick 4 part harmonies, exciting instrumentation featuring brass and fiddle, and often an homage to Beatles-esque, pop-formula hooks! Lyrically, many of their songs are written from the first person perspective of children -the nuances of which are fairly unique in the kids music industry. Stylistically, they appear as the ideal and coolest big kids around -bright colored vintage garb, authentic enthusiasm, and in addition to playing kids’ rock they perform juggling, employ puppets, and even use magic to make for a truly imaginative live show. And in concept, the band weaves stories and characters based on a magical and mythical land of Potatoes (or…Potato Land). Each of these characters is unique in name, voice, interests, and personality traits -and sing all over. Expect big things from these big kids and their wild and crazy potato friends…!

Web Site: None found.
Location: Tennessee
Albums: Live at Centennial Pre-School

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