About The Artist: Hi my name is Allister. I’m 8 and I used to hate going to sleep. One day, last month, a shooting star flew into my bedroom through the window. Her name is Ele. She said “Without sleep you can’t have any dreams” I never cared about dreams so that didn’t really change my mind. That night I eventually got tired and just fell asleep… But then something pretty crazy happened… Ele flew into my room the next night… and the NEXT night… and AGAIN the NEXT night. Until it just became a thing. Now she flies into my room every night after my mom puts me to bed. She always brings a magical key. It unlocks a door in my head and through this door we can go anywhere. We have this whole secret world behind the door where my dreams become REAL. I meet new people every night and we were even sent on a secret mission that I can’t talk about… Now I can’t wait to go to sleep every night because I know Ele will fly through the window. I never know where we will end up and what will happen. It’s always a surprise… One day I’ll have to tell everyone about the adventures we have and what happens behind the secret door in my head. But for now I’m too busy going to sleep and having dreams. Oh and by the way, all my dreams sound like songs. ..

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