About The Artist: The Boogers are the brainchild of musician and developmental psychologist Paul Crowe (aka Crusty Booger). Paul spent the late 80’s-90’s playing, writing and touring the U.S. as a bassist with a number of Chicago-based punk and post-punk bands. During this time, Paul was lucky enough to share the stage with two of his rock n’ roll idols: — Dee Dee Ramone (& the Chinese Dragons), and Marky Ramone (& the Intruders). His musical talents are not constrained to one genre…Paul also played for five years with the Loyola University Jazz Band. Somehow, across 6 albums and hundreds of shows, Paul completed a Ph.D in Developmental Psychology at Loyola University, found the love of his life and became the proud father of three sons. What came next was a natural evolution — he married his passion for classic punk to his knowledge of child and language development through music to create, play and record his hyped-up, irreverent music for his sons and friends’ kids. Children’s music that brings the chord-driven rock — and isn’t lame! Besides writing great original songs like “This Song’s About Transportation” and “I Don’t Need to be Worried”, the Boogers pride themselves on providing a unique take on children’s classic songs. For them, it’s not just about putting a different beat to the music — lots of children’s artists have already done that across lots of genres (blues, jazz, funk, reggae, lame rock) — it’s about interpreting the songs…adding new lyrics…whole new sections and melodies…to better communicate their implicit message and create something familiar to kids but completely original and fun.

Web Site: http://meet-the-boogers.com/
Location: Illinois
Albums: Road To Rock, Let’s Go

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