About The Artist: Brett Campbell is a musician and songwriter who has come full circle! His love of music was awoken at an early age living in a home where the record player was the first thing turned on in the morning. Hearing artists on that record player who weren’t afraid to dabble in music for kids – Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, The Seekers and The Beatles to name a few – gave him a lifelong love of indelibly famous tunes like “Morningtown Ride” and “Obla Di Obla Da”. His childhood encompassed the golden age of tv for Australian kids with Patsy Bisco and Peter Combe competing for time with Playschool and Mr Squiggle. Spike Milligan and Pam Ayres could be seen actually reading children’s poetry on the box! That pre Wiggles world was rich in variety and colour for a kid growing up in the Aussie ‘burbs. Picking up a cheap guitar at the age of 12 set him off on a long and circuitous journey. Soon leaving that children’s world behind, the next several years saw him honing his craft in rock bands as a bass player, sometime singer, songwriter and, often by default, tour manager. In a notoriously tough industry Brett seldom found himself without gigs as a strong work ethic and a flexible attitude served him well. Then that day arrived when his own children came into his life. Suddenly those half forgotten chords to “Yellow Submarine” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” began to seem relevant again. Going one better than the old record player, he could actually sing the tunes for his kids and it wasn’t long before he began to write some of his own. After a couple of nerve wracking but ultimately rewarding sojourns to play his songs at the local daycare, he began to seriously consider a career change. Pubs and clubs were becoming jaded for him and the stress of 4 or 5 late nights a week combined with the responsibilities of fatherhood began to take its toll. Recording his first album of music for kids, 2006’s “BC”, was a liberating experience for Brett. Arriving back at the start point of his musical journey seemed somehow the right thing to do. Brett’s children had become a serious source of songwriting inspiration to him. Everyday throwaway lines became songs! When his son was scared to pull the plug in the bath – the house at the time had old, noisy plumbing – and remarked on the “scary monster down the drain”, Brett immediately ran off and wrote “Scary Monster”. One of his most popular tunes, “Scary Monster” is a reassurance story to children, but one with a smile-inducing sting in the tale. Brett’s music always tries to invoke the down to earth, unpatronising spirit of those songs of his childhood. He knows first hand that music can be a powerful force in influencing young people and forming personalities. Brett currently performs over 200 shows a year to children while still managing to fit in a few night time gigs just to keep his hand in. He has played many festivals both in Australia and overseas and he loves travelling and playing music. In recent times he has formed a backing band, for festival and Christmas shows. Made up of his favourite players from his years of gigging and also his closest friends. This introduces children to the wonders of a REAL band playing live with energy and fun! Brett’s “new” career is the best thing he ever did!

Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/brettcampbellchildrensmusician/
Location: Queensland, Australia
Albums: Acoustic, Press Play To Hear Brett

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