About The Artist: Singer-Songwriter Chip Richter serves up stories, songs, and smiles “Family Style”. Chip’s Family Concerts feature something on the menu for everyone. It’s a recipe for “more fun than a kid should be allowed to have” as Chip delivers healthy portions of love and laughter for all ages to enjoy! Chip says, “I never really set out to be “songwriter for kids”. I just write about what I’m seeing and feeling in my heart and I’m thrilled that kids happen to like my songs. I admit it has caused my focus and attention to be drawn to kids and family issues more and more. I just notice kids now, wherever I go. I find myself thinking and reading a lot about family issues, kids, parenting and the joys and sorrows of it all. I believe it’s got my heart, and is fast becoming my passion. I’m a dad, I know what a challenge it is to raise kids. It’s an honor for me to have the opportunity to encourage parents (and kids) with my songs and in my concerts. I hope Moms and Dads (and Grandparents) come away from my concerts feeling refreshed and inspired in this great adventure called parenting.” Chip and his wife, Mary Beth, live in Northeast Ohio with their three children, Megan, Brittany and Austin and their Golden Retriever, Biskit, and cats, Bernie, Wesley, and Simon , and a guinea pig named Chester… Chip says, “It sounds like a zoo… come to think of it , it feels like a zoo sometimes. But I would not trade it for the world. It’s family… it’s messy… but it’s so rich and full!”

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