About The Artist: Eric Herman is an award-winning children’s music performer with an incredible sense of humor and an instant rapport with kids. He offers creative music shows and assembly programs that involve the audience and present educational concepts in a most entertaining fashion. Eric’s songs are at once ingeniously witty, indelibly memorable and incredibly fun, and his videos, led by the viral hit, “The Elephant Song”, have become hugely popular online, with over 25 million views on YouTube. Eric’s songs and videos have been heard and seen nationally on PBS Kids, XM Radio, Fox & Friends and the Today Show, and his song “Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard” was voted the Best Children’s Song by the international music organization Just Plain Folks for their 2006 awards. Eric lives in the Pacific Northwest and travels around the USA performing concerts and assembly programs for kids and families. Bursting with comedy and fun, and including plenty of audience participation, his shows have received rave responses from kids, parents, teachers and event coordinators wherever he performs. Eric’s backup group, the Invisible Band, is comprised of some of the finest invisible musicians in the world. Invisible Dave was the touring bass player for Milli Vanilli and the studio bassist for The Doors; Invisible Jill has performed in many films where player pianos could not be obtained; Invisible Keith’s drumming can be heard on numerous rap, hip-hop and techno recordings; Invisible Pete plays the tuba and was a stunt double for Chevy Chase in Memoirs of an Invisible Man and Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man. Together with Eric Herman’s accomplished vocals and guitar-playing, they are a tight-knit group with rock-solid musicianship.

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