About The Artist: This musical recording is a compilation of classic children’s songs, familiar to both kids today and parents of yesteryear.  The songs are meant to invoke happy memories of childhood for everyone, while exposing children to the funky, high-instrumentation sound that oozes out of the Crescent City. As a funky mother of two, I was disappointed by the offerings of children’s music and set out to expose my kids to a variety of musical genres.  From the time they were in my belly, I played everything from hard rock to classical ballads.  My sons, Jake, 9 (assistant producer) and Aidan, 5, took a love to New Orleans funk and so the concept was born… take kids songs and just make them funky. So here it is. . .play it in the car, at home or wherever you want and jam out with your children; they’ll love it and trust us, you will too! Executive Producer and Funky Mama, Lauren Busch Singer

Web Site: http://funkykidzmusic.com/
Location: San Francisco, CA

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