About The Artist: The GoGo Bonkers performance is a wild musical ride full of Ogres, fairies, ravens, bears and trees. Several of these characters try to make the world a better place everyday. Like Treevor, the tree spirit, who sings about the importance of trees and all the things that are made from trees, or The Canadian Potato, who is a zany farmer who loves to plant, grow, eat and sing about fresh, locally grown potatoes, or Molly Mushroom, a dancing fairy that sings beautiful songs about the virtues of spending time outside in nature. And then there is Olagg the Ogre, a friendly Ogre that uses his big muscles and fists to crush rocks to make homes and bridges. The GoGo Bonkers performance also introduces characters that are confronted with the realities of our garbage producing society. Heavy Bear is a character that has had his habitat destroyed, so he roams into the cities to find food….in our garbage cans! And then there is Mudlee, an old fisherman who “fishes for garbage” because all the fish he used to catch, have disappeared. The most important aspect of our GoGo Bonkers Show is that it is presented with a desire to inspire children with a healthy and positive perspective of the wonderful and perplexing world around us. GoGo Bonkers believes that environmental sustainability is an achievable and integral component to all of our communities. GoGo Bonkers also believes that the more children hear about how they can create a healthy future for their communities, the more they will be inspired to act. GoGo Bonkers! has performed at many festivals and community events such as the Vancouver Children’s festival, Starbelly Jam festival, Calgary Children’s Festival, Treefest, Birthfest, Bog Days, Earthday, Surrey Children’s Festival, Chefs to the Fields, Growing Up Green and BC Children’s Hospital Childrun, to name a few. GoGo Bonkers! has also performed their amazing live show to thousands of children at Elementary schools across the lower mainland and the interior. GoGo Bonkers! has created an awesome Study Guide so teachers and students can later explore the many themes presented in the live show in their classroom, before and after the performance.

Web Site: Gogo Bonkers on YouTube
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Albums: Love The Land

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