About The Artist: Jeanine Michaels is the married musical mom of two delightful children who lives and works in the Los Angeles area. She was an actress for the first part of her multi-career life with many stage and television credits and great pride in having survived actor’s basic training in New York City and life on the road. Among other roles, she played nurses on “St. Elsewhere” and “Dallas”, a “moonie” in the film “Serial”, Abby’s not-so-efficient secretary in a recurring role on “Knot’s Landing”, and her most recent appearance on TV was as a ditsy Marin housewife on “Beverly Hills, 90210”. She has traveled extensively supporting her acting career with her music while performing in the usual club venues as well as the more exotic concert appearances at an Israeli army base, the London “tube”, retirement homes and classes full of kindergartners in diverse musical styles with various colorful bands. She writes songs (music and lyrics) for children and grown-ups and performs lively concerts for each genre. Classically trained in voice and piano, with additional training on acoustic guitar, her singing voice is a “soulful” contralto with special vocal talent for cartoon and character voices. Her children’s songs are humorous, fun and filled with imagination. The songs for grown ups are inspirational and melodic with intelligent lyrics for both. She teaches music classes in the LA area schools, for preschool and elementary age children who love her vibrant and joyful approach to music appreciation and singing. Teachers she has worked with have supported the CD and used it in the classroom as a teaching/entertainment aid. Jeanine, through her music company, Mother’s Heartlight Music, has produced two CDs so far, one for children and families and the brand new “One Light” for adults, and is committed to donating a percentage of sales from her CDs and coloring books to Juvenile Diabetes research and care, as well as other deserving children and family charities. Her beloved daughter, Meghan, was diagnosed at age 11 with Juvenile Diabetes, and she is dedicated to helping find a cure. The latest addition to her musical inventory is the new, imaginative coloring book, “Dinosaur’s Musical Day Color With Music”, illustrated by Morgan Green and developed to go with her family CD, “Dinosaur’s Musical Day” creating a color with music experience. She is currently at work on new projects including two books, and a new CD of prayer/songs for meditation, reflection and ceremony. She hopes to continue to find creative ways to express, celebrate and nurture life. And share the humor in living. And maybe she will find work as a voiceover artist or help with the carpool. Other interests include snow skiing, water skiing, ice skating, tennis, horseback riding, scuba diving , biking, dancing, gardening, cooking, needlepoint, crochet, painting, photography, travel, billiards, reading, writing, animals and marine fish keeping, volunteer work, seeking enlightenment, and living a loving, joyful and meaningful life.

Web Site: http://www.jeaninemichaels.com/
Location: California
Albums: Dinosaur’s Musical Day

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