About The Artist: Judi Cranston, the founder of kindyRock, is excited to incorporate her passions of music, education and fun into the kindyRock Concept. Simply stated the kindyRock Concept aims to enhance childrens development through fun musical activities. The kindyRock Concept works at 3 levels: A fun activity that parents, educators and children can enjoy while developing great musical skills. A way of developing multiple essential learning areas by using music. Language skills, mathematical concepts, creativity, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, social skills (to name a few!!) are all developed. On a deeper level scientists now agree that music fires parts of the brain that are not fired by anything else. Listening to music is great, being involved in music making is better still. Children involved in this type of active music making from an early age are given not just the gift of music but also the gift of making their learning easier. KindyRock is proud to present the kindyRock Concept in a number of formats that make it easy for children, parents and teachers to use.

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