About The Artist: During my 30 years of teaching music to preschool children, I became aware of the need for a music course that considered the children’s short attention span and decided to translate the concepts of learning music into a thrilling, fun and exciting program. To accomplish this goal, I experimented with a group of preschool children, and taught them to learn music together in a “Fun Environment”. The strategy evolved into the Little House of Music program. I developed a 30-week visual and audio music course specifically designed for all children as young as three. The program consists of a DVD, a “Fun” music book with a keyboard to aid in reinforcing what they learn in each lesson and two CD’s of the music they hear on the DVD during each of the ten lessons in each level. Our Goal: To make affordable quality music education available to all children. Our music course is purposely written so that children with any handicap can also learn music. Little House of Music was developed to make sure all children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy music. Little House of Music is a new and unique methodology for teaching music theory to young children in a way that is not only fun but helps create in them a love and appreciation of music.

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