About The Artist: I hail from Port Chester, NY; a small village just north of the bright lights of Manhattan. As the only boy in a family of seven children, growing up for me was certainly interesting and never dull! You can find out more about my large and fun loving family by visiting my scrapbook. After 10 years of creating my own characters and performing them into a tape recorder, I gathered up the courage to audition for the High School play. Well, you can just guess how that affected the path that I would take!  I attended Fordham University and acting school. Then at the suggestion of my wife Camille, I started working with children in an after-school arts program. Well, I fell in love with it. I could play any character I wanted to, and create shows for children based on my own specific talents. In short: I was able to create my own material. I also found that I could do something else: teach the arts to children. My wife, Camille Linen, an absolutely amazing educator and visionary, has been a constant source of inspiration to me throughout my career, particularly as it relates to arts in education. She has shown me how vitally important it is that children and young adults experience the arts at the very core of their school experience! So, with Camille as a collaborator, I created a slew of educational one man shows for elementary school audiences and have toured the Northeast since 1987. All my shows combine the arts of storytelling, theater and music and reach out to young audiences in a variety of interactive ways. In 1990, I teamed up with Marshall Toppo, a supremely gifted musician/producer/arranger (and if you’re looking for an exceptional jazz trio, click on his name). We have made recordings that have been hailed as unique in the independent children’s recording market. Alex Fidelibus, my childhood pal, designed all of the covers and interiors and has added an extra touch to my work with his unique talent and special sense of humor. I have performed all over the country, from the Tastes of Chicago to the Palm Beach’s Kravitz Center to Carnegie Hall, NYC. My music video, “A Little Bit Clumsy”, has aired on the Learning Channel.

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