About The Artist: Paul Austin Kelly is the founder, main composer and recording artist of Walking Oliver, a music company dedicated to creating new and unique music for kids and families.  He’s also an internationally renowned American opera singer but that’s only his day job. Paul grew up in upstate New York where he spent most of his youth chasing frogs, snakes and girls––not necessarily in that order. He also spent a great deal of time with his guitar and his trumpet, both of which he still spends time with today. Paul has performed at the prestigious Metropolitan Opera in New York, extending across Great Britain where he sang leading roles with the Royal Opera at Covent Garden. Most amazingly, Paul Austin Kelly, this dynamic young American, has been in demand at the celebrated La Scala, Rome and many other opera houses of Italy — the birthplace of opera and home of its toughest critics and fans. He has also delighted audiences in South America, Malaysia and Singapore. Before the glamorous world of international opera beckoned, Paul Austin Kelly could be found with Gibson Les Paul in hand, singing rock-n-roll, inspired by such artists as Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan. He is equally impressive fronting a jazz combo and folk groups, in short; Kelly is a vocal virtuoso in a rainbow of music genres. He is also an accomplished trumpet player and pianist. In a parallel career move, inspired by such artists as Dick Haymes, Mel Torme, Tony Bennett and the famed Rat Pack, Paul Austin Kelly has teamed up with the legendary pianist and musical director Kenny Clayton who has worked with such artists as Charles Aznavour, Dick Haymes, Matt Monro, Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Clayton’s first collaboration can be heard on their debut CD, Paul Austin Kelly with the Kenny Clayton Trio/The Song is You, featuring the songs of Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein and Hammerstein & Kern, as well as a few more contemporary classics of the genre and even some inspired original songs. Mr. Kelly is also a regular guest soloist with UK superstar soprano, Lesley Garrett.

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