About The Artist: I wrote my first song at age four: “Put my wife on big donkey, My horse went to ski, And my cow was too funny to play, I didn’t know my seatbelt was there.” My first instrument was the alto saxophone in 5th grade band.  At age 14, I joined my first rock band and quickly found out that playing electric guitar attracted the girls. So, playing in rock songs with weird haircuts became my focus. As time passed, I graduated from college, married the most amazing woman on the planet and started a family in a suburb of Kansas City.  I never stopped writing, recording and performing. After quiting my corporate job in 2004, I co-produced Teacher and the Rockbots and The Blankies. The success of these award-winning cartoon bands gave me the chance to record the Rock Daddy Rock solo album which I created entirely on my own between March 25 – May 14, 2008.

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