About The Artist: In New Orleans, famous for its Rhythm & Blues and Jazz traditions, Shad Weathersby has stood out as one of the city’s top folk and Americana singer-songwriters for the past three decades. Before his solo career, Weathersby was in two folk-pop harmony groups, Huck’s River and The Hooligans, and members of those groups continue to play on Shad’s recordings. In addition, Shad has performed onstage and in the studio with multi-million-selling-pianist George Winston. Mike Artell is an award-winning author, illustrator, TV cartoonist, conference speaker, musician, storyteller and humorist. Each year, Mike speaks to thousands of school kids and major business, educational, healthcare and association conferences. During Mike’s school visits, he shares some cool and creepy science facts from his award-winning books about weather, space, bugs and smells. Mike then engages the kids in some language arts wordplay. Mike then shares some information about the Cajun culture and reads from his Cajun parodies of classic folk tales. Mike then gives the kids step-by-step instructions for creating their own original cartoons. Mike shows kids how to think more creatively by using higher order thinking skills exercises. Mike closes his presentation with some music from his original music CD. Science, language arts, cultural diversity, thinking skills, cartooning and music.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Albums: Calling All Children To The Mardi Gras

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