About The Artist: A classically trained pianist with over thirty years experience, Stevie’s notoriety in the New York music scene first began in 1974 when he performed at Carnegie Hall during a classical residual hosted by his private instructor Professor Betazi of the Juilliard School of Music to massive audience approval. Since, Stevie has played keyboards for some of the hottest local groups in the Tri-State area, sharing both stage and studio with such artists as The Bossa Nova Beatnicks, The Blues Beats, The Chicklettes, The Rhythm Kings and Crash Course — band of popular actress Heather Matarazzo of the motion pictures Scream 3, Welcome to the Doll House and the CBS broadcast television series Now and Again. Being no stranger to the recording studio, Stevie has enjoyed the notoriety and being a sought-after talent, contributing to spectrum of projects spanning such genres as Funk, Soul, R&B, Reggae, Blues, Rock, Country, Ska and Classical. As a result, Stevie’s own songwriting reflects these many influences while continually mastering his craft of seamlessly blending these many genres into his original music. Stevie is currently developing a series of children’s songs that has been met with great interest by a major production company with interest of being developed into an animated series for a popular children’s broadcast network in the near future.

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