About The Artist: My father sang in the Navy choir and was honored to sing solo The Lords Prayer for Eleanor Roosevelt. My Great Aunt led a huge church orchestra and choir in Virginia. My cousin, Lynwood King Jr., is a stunning guitarist with two exquisite CD’s. My brother played guitar and sang and I begged him to teach me a few chords when I was 8 years old. The rest is a self taught history. When I graduated from the University of Texas I headed west. California or bust! There is no place on earth I’d rather be.  I hooked up with the West Coast Songwriters and it has been my university for music. A community of talented, genuine, big-hearted people.  There are no words for how grateful I am to WCS.  I am now a past President of West Coast Songwriters Board of Directors and continue to serve on the board.   Check out the WCS board members…pinch me! A hermit songwriter most of my life, my first CD White Wall in1999 forced me to the stage. I went from tiny venues to opening act at the Mountain Winery in one summer..whew! At the same time, with my two kids in grade school, I was asked to entertain at a school picnic. Ah, think not…I don’t play kids music. To solve the problem I began teaching songwriting, eventually writing with hundreds of kids in grades 2-6th. Thus the Kids Rock project! The song Welcome to the World went on to be used in an independent video that won the Panasonic New Vision Award. And I will always remember singing Give Some Back under starry skies to an audience of 500 at the Hidden Villa, Night Under the Stars event.

Web Site: http://www.kidsrock.org/
Location: San Francisco, CA
Albums: Kids Rock Project

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