About The Artist: From the time she started teaching dance classes in high school, Tessa Pfeifer was never satisfied with traditional lesson music. So she decided to write original songs for her classes and an entire curriculum to go with them! Tessa’s upbeat tunes reinforced the themes of her unique lessons. They taught kids about nutrition, fitness and fun. And Dancercise Kids was born! The response from her students was overwhelming. Parents and teachers began requesting the unique curriculum at their own centers and schools. And Tessa started training instructors to keep up with the demand. Today, Dancercise Kids is still growing, with new instructors teaching their own classes to delighted kids (and pleased parents) all over the Midwest. Now, Tessa has made her curriculum available to other dance studios, fitness centers, schools and teachers that want to teach Dancercise, and is also now recording and performing in her own right!

Web Site: http://www.dancercise.com/
Location: Minnesota
Albums: Dance It!

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