About The Artist: The Sunshine Road Show is an Award-Winning Musical Program. It has been performed at a variety of venues, including Sesame Place, Lake Compounce, Six Flags Amusement Park, The Hartford Civic Center, The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, The Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, Give Kids the World Theme Park, Orlando Florida, Radio Disney’s “First Noon” Celebration in Tampa and many others. The Show was featured on The Best of Connecticut by NBC Channel 30 and received honorable mention in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Touring for over ten years, the Sunshine Road team believes in the power that music has on children’s well being, which is why they have devoted their creativity to developing music that is encouraging, interactive, and of course…fun! The Sunshine Road Show was created in 1999 by David Verdosci. David’s wife Paula has been helping with management,support and smiles- along with dancing with their four daughters. Rhonda Mesenbourg has been making the live shows brighter for over 9 years with her great vocals and upbeat personality. Together with her husband Tim and their son, they have helped the show continue to be shared with many great audiences.

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