If you love great music videos for kids…you’ll want to spend some time looking through these great ones. You may notice that we’ve chosen to focus mostly here on “kindie” music…music by independent kids music artists who make part or all of their living creating fun and unique music for kids…rather than on the lower-quality, factory-produced music and animations which so dominate YouTube searches for the term “kids music”. We think you’ll see (and hopefully, appreciate!) the difference. If you’d like to be notified when we post new videos here, you can Subscribe via Email (this particular email list is only to be notified of new Kids Music Videos posted…not our periodic general info newsletter for the site!), Like our Facebook page, or Follow us on Twitter. En-joy! 😉

The Tale of the Sun and the Moon

http://youtu.be/UoWFJ690U6E "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" is a lullaby about why the sun is up during the day and the moon is out at night. It's somewhat of a platonic love song about two best friends who can't really be together as much as they would like. The...

Snow Leopard Kittens

http://youtu.be/8CzlhZtunNc Cute baby snow leopard kittens, Gobi (male) and Batu (female) explore the outdoor exhibit at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo for the first time with their mother, Helen.

Dog Chases Light

http://youtu.be/gbiSgjlR8DA Just wait till I get a laser pointer! She'll go crazy!

Five Green Peas

http://youtu.be/WVINCIoCKug Five Green Peas is a fun rhyme for young children. Teaching ideas and resources for this rhyme are available from beatboppers.com.

My Name Is Chicken Joe | Trout Fishing In America

http://youtu.be/1xvD8bSbxgk Our book/CD is called My Name is Chicken Joe. Published by The Secret Mountain and beautifully illustrated by Stephan Jorisch, the book will include a CD with 11 Trout Songs, featuring the song that made one of Keith's cats famous....

Five Busy Shapes

http://youtu.be/8mHJ6TbTGvg Animated in 1997 for an elementary school.


http://youtu.be/sdUUx5FdySs My Master's Thesis Animation, which I completed while I was at The School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art, in New York City. Created using Maya, After Effects, and rigged using The Setup Machine by Anzovin studios.

ABC Song

http://youtu.be/5XEN4vtH4Ic The Alphabet Song (Learn It) from Super Simple Songs. More simple songs for young learners, CDs, downloads, videos, activity ideas, and free worksheets available at supersimplesongs.com!

Ants in Your Pants | Eric Herman

http://youtu.be/HYWycl8vR5c Dance like you've got ants in your pants, bees on your knees, a bear in your hair, and more! From the CD, What a Ride!, by Eric Herman and the Invisible Band. Visit ericherman.com.

Dance Like an Animal | Eric Herman

http://youtu.be/7WXS16-X0c0 We got the neat Flip Boom animation program for my daughter, Becca (5), and she loves it. She wanted to make a "movie" for Daddy, so we gave her a list of things to draw and animate and she went right to work. She did get a little burned...

Snow Day | Eric Herman

http://youtu.be/z0q7YhEnPXk A cute, funny and very short story song based on the rhyming couplet poem by Kenn Nesbitt. The video was created by Eric's wife, Roseann, in a similar style to "The Elephant Song", made simply with MS Paint, a mouse, Sony Vegas Studio and a...