Music Videos For Kids

If you love great music videos for kids…you’ll want to spend some time looking through these terrific selections. You may notice that we’ve chosen to focus mostly here on “kindie” musicmusic by independent kids music artists who make part or all of their living creating fun and unique music for kids…rather than on the lower-quality, factory-produced music and animations which so dominate YouTube searches for the term “kids music“. These videos have been viewed and selected by a real human as appropriate for an audience of young children. In fact, as many articles have pointed out…YouTube is simply not a safe space for young kids to be wandering around. We think you’ll see (and hopefully, appreciate!) the difference here. If you’d like to be notified when we post new videos here, you can Subscribe via Email (this particular email list is only to be notified of new Kids Music Videos posted…not our periodic general info newsletter for the site!), Like our Facebook page, or Follow us on Twitter. En-joy! 😉