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I come from Alabama with
my banjo on my knee
I’m going to Louisiana,
my true love for to see

It rained all night the day I left,
the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death,
Susannah, don’t you cry

Oh! Susannah,
Oh don’t you cry for me
For I come from Alabama with
my banjo on my knee

I had a dream the other night,
when everything was still
I thought I saw Susannah dear,
a coming down the hill
A buckwheat cake was in her mouth,
a tear was in her eye
Says I, I’m coming from Dixieland,
Susannah, don’t you cry
I soon will be in New Orleans,
and then I’ll look around
And when I find my gal Susannah,
I’ll fall upon the ground

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